Biomass Steam Boiler

biomass boiler with auto feed

This boiler adopt chain grate,suitable for molding pellet fuel,can add a small amount of wood,wood block,also can burn with coal.
This boiler adopt the newest achievements in scientific research, such as:Arched Tube plate, thread smoke tube etc, solve the tube plate crack of shell type boiler, Water wall tube burst, low efficiency, insufficient of power,Poor pf coal type adaptability etc.

biomass boiler with auto feed
biomass boiler with auto feed

Combustion Processe:
The fuel burning at the furnace through, the exhaust gas flow from the boiler barrel bottom to the smoke window outlet on the Eight character wall, then enter convection bank at the both wings, next enter the thread smoke tube through the front smoke box, pass by economizer, dust remover, and induced draft fan, finally discharged to the atmosphere by chimney.
1.No need special protection when power off.
2.Higher efficiency,heating fast.
3.Safe and reliable.
4.Easy to install.
Feeding System Introduction:
1.Conveyor feeding mode (For biomass particles)

2.Elevating automatic feeding (For coal)

3.Blast feeding (For size of less than 50mm of small sawdust, or rice husk)

4.Screw feeder